Shawnee Fire Company Volunteers


Company Leadership


Chief 36-7: Jason Witcraft

Assistant Chief 36-8: David Timko

Lieutenant 36-9-1: Wallace Jamison

First Lieutenant 36-9-2: Beau Norris

Engineer 36-9-6: David Witcraft

Safety Officer 36-S-1: Donald Fuller

Board of Directors

President: David Timko

Vice President: David Steglik

Secretary: John Moyer

Member-at-Large: William Howenstine


Treasurer: Robin Farris

Relief Association

President: Wallace Jamison

Vice President: Donald Fuller

Secretary: Beau Norris

Treasurer: William Howenstine


Volunteers serving our community and how you can get involved

Members serve as active fire fighters or provide administrative, fundraising, event, or monetary support. No experience is needed; members receive training and equipment to support their mission.

Active Firefighters

are the main firefighting body of the company. These adults (> 18 years) receive equipment and training to support their work.

Junior Firefighters

(16-18 yr olds in school) are preparing to become active members. They receive equipment and training and are under supervision of the chief or another experienced line officer.

Life members

Active members with 20 years or more active service may be recognized with Board approval as Life Members.

Supporting members

Supporting Members offer assistance in a variety of ways, e.g. fundraising, administrative activities, community event participation.

Contributing members

Contributing Members offer financial support to the company.


Weekly drills (Tuesdays, 6 PM) and local and regional classes provide training for our active and junior members.


Monthly business meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month.

How can I become a member?

See how you can get involved in serving our community

When you sign up to be a volunteer firefighter or emergency responder, you'll receive the training and equipment you need. As a member, you'll learn skills to help your community in the case of fire, accidents, natural disasters, etc. There are many ways you can support your community as a member of Shawnee Fire Company. The best way to see what it's like to be a volunteer firefighter is to hear experiences of people who do it each day.

Come to the firehouse 6 PM on Tuesdays and meet those who serve their community in this unique way and learn what their involvement is really like.

Click below to review directions to complete and submit your application and for the membership application.